ADS Region 2

Public Garden Grant Program

As it is recognized that 1) the display of daylilies in a public garden venue aligns with the overall mission statement of the American Hemerocallis (Daylily) Society (AHS/ADS) – to promote the awareness of the beauty, versatility and diversity of the modern daylily – and as it is recognized that 2) establishing and maintaining a public daylily garden may impose challenges on local club financial resources, this grant program is established to provide the opportunity for Region 2 daylily clubs to apply for Regional funds in support of their public garden activities.

AHS Region 2 will allocate up to a maximum of $5,000 annually to the grant program, based on the overall Region budget and financial stability.Individual club applications will be for up to $500, with a maximum of 10 grant awards made on an annual basis.Only one award per specific public garden per year is permitted.Previous grant awardees are not excluded from eligibility in future years.

A committee, the Public Garden Grant Committee (PGGC), appointed by the Region 2 President will review and evaluate grant applications. The committee will rank and prioritize recommended awardees based on how well the application aligns with the grant criteria.If a committee member is associated with a specific application, he/she must excuse himself/herself from the associated review/decision process for that application.

Grant applications will be due by November 30th (in the year prior to award) for review by the PGGC. The PGGC will forward the names of recommended grant recipients to the Region 2 Board of Directors for budgeting purposes by December 15th. The Board will determine and/or allocate the annual funding for this grant program based on the financial stability of AHS Region 2’s available fund balance. The AHS Region 2 President will serve as the liaison between the Board members and PGGC.Annual grant awards will be made at the end of January.

Grant criteria are summarized below. To be eligible for an award, the application must:

  1. Be associated with a specific public garden where daylilies are or could be effectively displayed.Garden must be on public property which is supported by public/government or foundation funds.
  2. Be submitted by a recognized AHS Region 2 daylily club, from the club President.
  3. Clarify how the money will specifically be spent. The purchase of soil amendment materials and plants, are examples of accepted expenses.
  4. Indicate when the project will be completed and how the expenditures will be accounted for. Summary/receipts for expenditures are to be sent to the Region 2 Treasurer no later than November 30.
  5. Indicate the number of visitors expected from the public during the bloom season (estimates acceptable), and
  6. Indicate how visitors to the garden will be able to get additional information about the daylilies (signage indicating the name/website of the local club, for example).

Annual awards will be announced through email communication from the Regional President to the local club President.The complete list of annual awards will be published in the Regional Newsletter.

If for some reason, a club is unable to spend the awarded grant funds, they will be returned to the Region 2 Treasurer.

Clubs receiving grants will be encouraged to seek AHS Display Garden status for their garden, when possible and practical to do so.The clubs will also be asked to submit a summary of their grant-funded activity, and the positive impact, to the Region 2 Newsletter Editor.

Download the Application Form here.