Englerth Award

Since 1987 Region 2 hybridizers, amateur and professionals alike, have competed for the Englerth Award for Hybridizing Excellence.  This award is to encourage and promote Region 2 hybridizers.  The award is in memory of Lawrence and Winifred Englerth, of Hopkins, Michigan.   The Englerths were longtime members of the American Daylily Society, and Winifred was a charter member. Both Lawrence and Winifred were hybridizers, growers and active promoters of daylilies for many years.  The Englerths registered their first cultivar in 1960 ‘Patty Patten’, over the next twenty years they registered a total of 26 cultivars, with the last know registered as ‘Cinnamon Cherries’ in 1980.   Winnie was known for introducing daylilies with high bud count and she delighted in using names in which the first letter was repeated.  Many of her creations, ‘Mini Minx’, ‘Skippy Skeezix’, and ‘Pinky Pinkerton’, are still found in Region 2 gardens.

Englerth Award Criteria

  1. Competition is open to all Region 2 ADS members.  More than one candidate (seedling) may be entered each year, and an award recipient may enter seedlings in successive years.
  2.  All unregistered seedlings cultivars are eligible.
  3.  Seedlings must be displayed at the Annual Region 2 Summer Meeting and must be clearly marked as Englerth Award Candidates without identification of the hybridizer.  Candidates should be planted in one bed in one of the Region 2 Tour Gardens.
  4. All attendees of the Annual Region 2 Summer Meeting are eligible to vote, by ballots provided by the chair of the Region 2 Awards and Honors Committee or by the meeting chairperson.  In the event, the ADS National Convention is held in Region 2, all attendees of the National event will be allowed to vote.  In the case of a tie duplicate medals will be awarded.
  5.  All questions of eligibility will be decided by a majority of the Awards and Honors Committee.

This hybridizing excellence award is open to Region 2 Hybridizers exclusively.  All seedlings and cultivars which have not been registered are eligible.  Plants entered as candidates for the Englerth Award are to be planted in one of the designated Region 2 Summer Meeting tour gardens are to be marked with a code number only.   All attendees of the Region 2 Summer Meeting are encouraged to vote on the ballots supplied by the chairperson.   The award medallion is to be engraved with the winner’s name and is one to be cherished.

To enter your seedling/seedlings, ship enough fans of the plant to have a good chance of bloom on the day of the tour.

2021 Region 2 Summer Meeting will be hosted by the Central Illinois Daylily Society.  Plants for the 2021 Englerth Competition… Please contact Lori Doolin of Glasgow, Illinois Lmdoolin90@gmail.com

2022 – Time to submit plants is NOW.

Previous Englerth Award Winners

1987    Steve Moldovan

1988    Dennis Anderson        H. ‘Indy Charmer’

1989    Alfred Goldner            Seedling #T86-63

1990    Phillip Brockington    H. ‘Coburg Pink Wink’

1991    Lee Craigmyle

1992    Charles Applegate      H. ‘Land of Promise’

1993    Dennis Anderson        H. ‘Indy Seductress’

1994    Charles Applegate      H. ‘Morning Has Broken’

1995    No Award

1996    Arthur Blodgett         H. ‘Romona’s Memory’

1997    Ed Myers                     H. ‘Little Summer Star’

1998    Howard Reeve Jr.      H. ‘Grandma Kissed Me’

1999    Dan Bachman             H. ‘Ben Bachman’

2000    Leo Sharp                    H. ‘Brookwood Marian Cavanaugh’

2001    Dan Bachman             H. ‘Coleman Hawkins’

2002    Guz Guzinski               H. ‘To Go Buddy’

2003    No Award

2004    Jamie Gossard            H. Seedling #JG/00/02

2005    Dan Bachman             H. ‘Coco Davis’

2006    Ken Blanchard            H. Seedling #BLA01-01

Charles Applegate      H. Seedling #21398A

2007    Lee Ann Williams       H. ‘Rama Lama Ding Dong’

2008    John Sheehan             H. Seedling #00-11-1

2009    Martin Kamensky       H. ‘Picotee Magic’

2010    Don Campbell

2011    John Kulpa                  H. ‘Regina Sitko’

2012    Steve Williams            H. ‘End of the Tunnel’

2013    John Sheehan             Seedling # 08-1526-A

2014    JoAnn Jankowski       Seedling # 1

2015    Amber Strope-Ward  H. ‘Love N Loujean’

2016    Mandy McMahon       H. ‘Twelve O’Clock The Wolf Comes’

2017    Ginny Pearce               H. ‘Plum Thunderstruck’

2018    No Award

2019    Genni Kleckner             H. ‘Pablo’s Pick’